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Paver Sealing

We Clean, Seal & Repair Pavers

Pavers by themselves are great. But with sealing, they are even better. Paver sealing extends the life and beauty of the surface while, at the same time, protecting it from various elements. This is an all-in-one solution to most of the common paver problems. While other companies say that sealing is optional, we say that sealing pavers should be compulsory.

Don't just settle on any sealing services out there. Some self-proclaimed experts can actually do more harm than good. But that's not a problem with Pave Rock.

We service Houston, Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, Woodlands, Kingwood and surrounding areas in Texas.

Call Us: 832-804-7930.

We Repair Pavers

Brand new pavers, obviously, will not need repair. We only repair pavers if cleaning and sealing won't be enough to bring them back to their pristine condition. In our years in the business, we have encountered and handled countless problems that a homeowner can experience with his or her pavers—from stains and cracks to weeds and pests.

Paver Efflorescence

There is a very special case that many surfaces in Texas suffer from - efflorescence. This is the white, powdery substance that appears on pavers. Most contractors do not include this in their warranty, which is understandable because efflorescence is naturally occurring. No one can really stop it from happening.

The good news is that you don't have to suffer from this, because we have the right technique and the perfect solution that can handle efflorescence very well.

Call Us To Find Out More: 832-804-7930.

Paver Cleaning

Efficient Paver Cleaning

When we say "paver cleaning," we are not referring to simply brushing the area. Most power washers for homes can't handle the requirements for efficient paver cleaning. Our pressure washer uses a separate source of power, giving it higher pressure that's enough to open up and pull out all of the old stuff from the grout.

We also use industry-approved cleaning solutions so that even those hard-to-remove stains will be taken care of. We also follow proper cleaning techniques to ensure that the paved surface and the grouts are really clean.

Grout or Re-grout

The problem with most grouts is that the sand is literally washed away with a little rain. In a year or two, you'll realize that the fill is lost, so re-grouting is required. This time, don't settle with the same old fill. Use polymer sand instead.

Polymeric (Polymer) Sand

Polymeric sand was invented to improve paver interlock. Thus durability and aesthetics are also improved. This manufactured sand has varying components but generally has crystalline silica and quartz. Some may include cement or other binding ingredients.

This special composition makes it the superior choice for sealing pavers. It won't be washed away and will prevent weeds from sprouting up, as well as ants and other pests from making their colonies.

Everybody wants polymeric sand for all its benefits. And, now, we can bring all its glory to every paved surface in Houston and other cities in Texas.

Reliable Paver Sealing Company

Paver sealing provides an always-wet look for the surface. But doing this is not just to improve aesthetics. Sealing the surface will prolong its beauty while protecting it from UV rays, rain and other elements. Instead of enjoying a good surface for just a year or two, sealing will let you enjoy the surface for the longest time.

Remember, it's not an option to seal pavers. It is a necessity. Just make sure you pick up the right guys to do that job—and that's us. We are not only experts in paver installation, but we are also your reliable paver sealing company. Please call Pave Rock for your free consultation, estimates, and references.

Call Us: 832-804-7930.
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