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Some properties and sites are prone to flooding during storms and periods of excessive rainfall, causing significant damage to the landscape and structures standing there. At Paverock, we have extensive landscaping expertise, and our team has worked with many residential and commercial clients in and around Houston, Texas, and addressed flooding issues on their properties.

We are always in sync with the latest industry trends and constantly upgrade our knowledge and expertise in helping clients look for green solutions; permeable paving is a big part of it. Today companies like AquaBlock manufacture paver products that take the concept one step further. The company launched this unique product in 2017, and it is a highly sought-after construction technology for effective flood mitigation.

Eco-Friendly Approach To Managing Water Runoff

Climate experts believe the risk of flooding will worsen in the coming years in many areas throughout the United States. Since the substrate cannot absorb rain, flash floods are more likely to occur in densely populated places with plenty of hard surfaces. Rivers can overrun their banks after heavy rain, while tidal stormwaters can flood coastal regions and estuaries.

A future focus should be on taking precautions to reduce the impact of flooding. Starting with permeable pavement solutions is an excellent idea. To some extent, permeable paver materials can help mitigate this issue. Since they permit rainwater to penetrate through the paving surface and be filtered by the multiple layers, their design goals and criteria are very different from those of conventional pavements.

Through its internal filtration, chemical, and biochemical characteristics, permeable pavement dramatically enhances the quality of stormwater runoff. Either the filtered stormwater is stored for later use or discharged into the ground or the storm drainage system gradually. There are several environmental and stormwater management benefits because of this.

How Aquablock Paver Stones Work

Aquablock interlocking concrete pavements are designed to remove sediment and pollutants from stormwater runoff. However, they have an added feature over standard permeable pavers- the gaps along the lower surface of these blocks permit the flow of water, ensuring that it reaches the ground below it quicker than the standard paver.

Previous studies have revealed that the bedding aggregate just beneath the pavement joints experiences most of the blockage. AquaBlock paver's unique structure helps reduce the potential clogging of standard PICP systems. The company’s unique full-size aqua block concrete pavers stones are stable, robust, and designed to allow smoother water flow into the aggregate below. These blocks differ from regular pavers as they are approximately 14" in length and 5" in height.

They are primarily used in commercial, industrial, and municipal projects.

Professional Aquablock Installations

We have worked with AquaBlock pavers on several projects over the years, and our team has the expertise and skill to install them as per manufacturer specifications to industry standards. We offer the best solutions within our clients' budgets, completing every project on time.

For more details about AquaBlock flood mitigation products and how we can help with the installations, please call Paverock at 832-804-7930 or drop us a line through this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to discuss your project details.
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