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Green Retaining Walls

Going green is a growing trend. Fortunately, you can use many innovative and novel products and systems to design and develop sustainable outdoor spaces on commercial and residential properties. Retaining walls are integral to many landscapes, especially ones with sloping land, and this is where our green retaining wall solutions come in. At Paverock we receive many inquiries about more sustainable landscaping methods and recommend the Flex MSE retaining wall system to our clients in and around Houston, Texas.

What is Flex MSE?

By combining Flex MSE Bags with Interlocking Plates, Geomodular buildings may be constructed that are both lightweight and resistant to the elements in their natural state.

Flex MSE is unlike any other soft construction material because of the hard material characteristics it displays. It's able to withstand conditions that might otherwise destroy other systems. Due to its hard material qualities, it is suitable for retaining walls that get greener and stronger with time.

Flex MSE is an advanced, patented system that uses MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) principles and modern geotextile technology to produce Geomodular block constructions that are both durable and simple to set up and have a life span of over 120 years.

How Flex Mse Is Used In Green Retaining Wall Construction

These unique bags are:

  • Filled with organics and sand
  • They become the perfect
  • An ideal “planter block” for many types of vegetation
  • Root and water permeable
  • Flexible enough to create innumerable angles and contours

FLEX MSE System Plates Are:

  • Made from sustainable, 100% recycled material
  • Specially designed to fill the gap between Bags while creating a solid interlocking mechanical connection
  • Built with Friction Strips for a stronger Bag to Bag mechanical connection
  • Engineered with Geogrid hooks for better soil reinforcement

The Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) principles that builders rely on for building massive retaining walls are also used in these Vegetated Wall Systems.

Geobag walls as tall as 25 meters have been constructed with considerable success. The 100% recycled and recyclable Interlocking Plates improves upon their forerunners in terms of geogrid compatibility and tension strength.

Benefits of Flex Mse in Green Retaining Wall Construction

There are several benefits to constructing green retaining walls using Flex MSE, such as:

  • The labor cost to install Flex MSE is just 60% of that of installing concrete.
  • The installation time for Flex MSE walls is typically half that of conventional concrete block construction because of the system's straightforward two-component design.
  • You won't need cranes, footings, rebar, or specialty tools.
  • Initial leveling or subgrade embedment for Flex MSE walls is relatively simple.
  • The modules may be bent and altered to fit around obstacles like trees and irregular bedrock easily.
  • To meet the requirements of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, Flex MSE is a recyclable, non-toxic substance.
  • Comparatively, sized concrete blocks produce 97% more Green House Gases (GHGs) than Flex MSE systems.
  • The riparian zone is restored to its original state.
  • Suitable for pollinators.
  • It keeps dirt from washing away and settling.
  • It's been proven that Flex MSE has a lifespan nearly double that of concrete.
  • Features a manufacturer's guarantee of 75 years.
  • A drainage feature that provides water to the plants negates the requirement for chimney drains or piping behind the wall.

For additional details about our green retaining walls and how we can help with Flex MSE installations, please call Paverock at 832-804-7930 or drop us a line through this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to discuss your project details.
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