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Hardscaping Services, Houston, TX Paverock Green Living is among Houston, TX, leading landscaping, and hardscaping companies. We are known for our unique and highly regarded imaginative and high-quality buildings. As a reputable and experienced business, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional experiences. You can trust that every engagement with our firm will be worthwhile since we provide the ideal balance of reliability, high quality, and reasonable prices. Our expertise can help you design new landscapes from the ground up or enhance an existing space with a few components. They can assist you with a selection of materials, landscape design hardscape and paver design and installation, and more. We work hard to create great outdoor living spaces to enhance your landscape or yard's appearance. Our systematic approach guarantees that the exterior components of your company or house are functional, durable, and easy to maintain. Residential and commercial customers can rely on us for these services.


Paverock handles Pergola Room outdoor shading products' installations, increasing the value and use of your business or residential outdoor space. Our louver and pergola constructions are made to order by the Pergola Room, and we offer individualized service. Most people today opt for motorized retractable Pergola shade solutions. Even when there isn't a lot of snow and wind, a Motorized Louver Roof Pergola provides the best protection from the sun. Full-glassed sunrooms are more functional, ergonomic, and cutting-edge since they use a hardened and laminated glass ceiling and a lightweight aluminum framework. You can select from several Pergola room configurations depending on your needs and budget. We're here to help you narrow down your options and make the product selection that's right for you, practically and financially. All the items sold in the Pergola Room are of the highest quality and design. Read More About Pergola Room »


Choosing suitable materials and ensuring they go with the rest of the hardscaping in the yard are crucial steps in creating a long-lasting and low-maintenance outdoor space. Pavers are versatile and work well in many outdoor features such as patios, walkways, driveways, decks, poolscapes, and more. We are committed to providing only the highest quality products to our clients. We build premium paver patios as part of our comprehensive hardscaping service. Pavers come in a wide variety of styles, widths, and colors. Therefore, we provide you with all the details you need to make a well-informed decision. The experts at our company can help you design a patio and surrounding walkways that lead to your yard or landscape. We build unique paved surfaces at cost-effective prices, allowing you to enjoy stunning outside areas with the least hassle. We handle residential and commercial paving projects of any scale. Read More About Pavers »


Constructing a usable outdoor area on sloping land is only possible with robust retaining walls. These walls are designed to make it easy to accomplish this objective as these structures support soil and earth, creating well-graded areas. They also help develop clear spaces to install lawns, flower gardens, parking lots, and decks. We evaluate the site and your needs to make material recommendations that will work best for building retaining walls. You can choose whether you need brick, boulders, block, or wood retaining walls. Top-tier retaining wall materials create an attractive and functional structure for your environment. We ensure that the walls complement your landscape and do not stand out like a sore thumb. Our trained and experienced team will work with you to develop unique solutions for sturdy and long-lasting block retaining walls in new or existing landscapes. Read More About Retaining Walls »


Many of Paverock's customers ask about eco-friendly landscaping options. Therefore, we always suggest green retaining walls in areas that need these supporting structures. Lightweight and naturally water-resistant Geomodular constructions are built with Flex MSE Bags and specialized Interlocking Plates. Due to its rigid material qualities, Flex MSE stands apart from other soft building materials. That it can survive environmental stresses that would cripple other systems speaks to its robustness. Because of its durability, it can be used to construct retaining walls that strengthen and stay green over time. These Vegetated Wall Systems are based on the same Mechanically Stabilized Earth techniques used to construct enormous retaining walls. The Interlocking Plates, which are made entirely from recycled materials, are an upgrade over their predecessors in terms of geogrid compatibility and tensile strength. We have significant expertise in installing green retaining wall systems in domestic and business settings. Read More About Green Retaining Walls »


If you want to make your property stand out from the others, installing an outdoor kitchen in your yard is a great idea. This area is great for hosting parties and spending time with loved ones. A well-designed kitchen can serve as the perfect leisure spot for friends and family, and we can design and install your outdoor kitchen and other connected hardscaping features for you. These will be custom-made to complement your house's unique style. When designing outdoor kitchens, we consider their aesthetic appeal and practicality. To boost the market value of your home, we will combine our creativity, knowledge of available resources, and cutting-edge installation techniques to design and construct a beautiful and practical outdoor environment. When you choose us, you can expect top-notch service and timely completion of the job so that you can enjoy your stunning new outdoor kitchen immediately. We will plan every aspect of your outdoor kitchen down to the last detail, so you have a truly practical and comfortable space. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens »


Adding decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, arbors, and decks are just some of the constructions that increase the functionality of a landscape and, in turn, the home's value. Although it is essential to make informed decisions, it is even more critical to have these components prepared and installed by experts like us. Your outdoor living areas' ease of maintenance, resilience, and longevity is just as important as their look and appeal. We focus on all these aspects when we build custom outdoor living spaces for each customer. We will utilize our expertise, information, imagination, and experience to design a beautiful outdoor space for you. We are here to assist you in any way we can, whether it be the addition of a patio to your home or the construction of a fireplace or fire pit in your backyard. We will plan and install them perfectly. Read More About Outdoor Living »


We can work with you to find the best way to meet your specific demands and design, develop, and install a water feature. You'll have something extraordinary when you add one of our water features to your landscape or backyard. Adding water features is a fantastic strategy for enhancing the aesthetic appeal, and monetary worth of your property's alfresco area. Experts try to create water features that complement existing landscaping. Fountains, cascades, streams, brooks, koi ponds, and more are all within our scope of expertise. If you choose us to construct water features, you can be sure that they will survive for many years and add value to your property while still being reasonably priced. We can replace a water fountain in your yard or install new ones when necessary. No matter your unique needs, our company can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces for your commercial or residential property. Read More About Water Features »


Pergolas are great for providing shade on patios or decks, and they may stand alone or be attached to the houses’ outside walls. We custom design and build pergolas on residential and commercial properties. Paths, landscapes, and yards frequently have arbors built around them, and we consistently provide our clients with the best possible outdoor shade structures. Arbors are a lovely and simple way to add a shady seating area, pathway, or entrance to your garden or landscape. Pergolas and arbors have similar features, with several crossbeams supported by columns or posts to create a sturdy openwork design. We can install these external features to enhance your backyard or landscape's appeal and functionality. Our experts work with you in tandem and listen to what you have to say before providing feedback or suggestions. Our exclusive focus is on delivering exceptional solutions, innovative architectural concepts, and first-rate pergolas and arbors. Read More About Pergolas & Arbors »


When you hire us, we'll create a one-of-a-kind fireplace or fire pit for your yard that will enhance the space's natural beauty and your taste. We build a fire pit that is custom sized to fit your yard perfectly. If you choose us, you can rest assured that your job will be handled by some of the best hardscapers in the area. Whether starting from scratch or updating your existing landscaping, we can help you set up your backyard fireplace or fire pit. When it comes to cost, value, and satisfaction, our business is unmatched, and our individualized services are guaranteed to go above and beyond your expectations. We use high-grade materials in our work to make the fire features we design robust and attractive. Our company works with clients wanting fire features for new backyard installations and during upgrades where we install only the fire feature. Our customized fire pits and fireplaces lend beauty and functionality to your outdoor area. Read More About Fire Pits & Fireplaces »


Patios, terraces, fireplace areas, driveways, paths, sidewalks, garden stairs, and more can all benefit from our expertly installed concrete paving surfaces. These materials are designed to seem like authentic brick and stone and lend an organic look to the outdoor spaces. Our team of expert designers is here to answer any questions regarding the many types of pavers we have. There is a wide variety of pavers to choose from, so you can choose something that works for you. Each landscape is unique, and each client has specific aesthetic goals when envisioning their outside areas. When recommending paver stones for landscaping, we take these things into account. Our team will help you find products within your budget that both satisfy your needs and enhance the features of your outdoor space. Our company has the experience, skills, and resources to handle all big and small paver installs to industry standards. Read More About Paver Installs »


We know you're hoping to create a big impression with your outside areas, and we can help with the best landscaping solutions. We have landscape designers on staff who are experts in producing attractive designs for your home. As soon as you're happy with the plan and the materials, we'll start and complete the installation expertly. When it comes to stonework and paving, we only use the best, which shows in our work quality and finishing. As an experienced company, we focus on creating sustainable landscapes that look great and perform well. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable, and they will provide you with all the information you need about various materials and products on the market. We provide hardscaping and softscaping services to help you create great, comfortable outdoor spaces. In addition to new installations, we also handle landscape upgrade and renovation jobs. Read More About Landscaping »


We plan and create pools of any style, providing unique services to meet each customer's specific requirements. Having trained and experienced specialists like us handle your pool installation is essential if you want to get the most out of the investment. When we're done, this component will be one of a kind, very durable, and flawless. Every swimming pool we build is completed with high-quality materials and equipment, guaranteeing a durable installation that increases your property's worth. We don't only build pools but also develop - construct all the trimmings like fountains, waterfalls, etc., making them so much more enjoyable to use and look at. Our company helps with pool remodels and deck replacements using the latest and trendiest materials and products on the market. We focus on customization, so our clients get the pool of their dreams to enhance their property value. Read More About Pool Installations »


Selecting suitable materials and ensuring they go with the rest of the hardscaping in the landscape are crucial steps in creating a long-lasting and low-maintenance patio area. Patio pavers are an excellent building material, and we are committed to offering our clients only the highest quality products. We construct premium paver patios as part of our comprehensive hardscaping service. The variety of paver products available necessitates that we provide you with all the facts you'll need to make a wise purchase. Pavers come in various forms, dimensions, colors, and patterns. The experts at our company can help you design a patio and surrounding walkways that lead to your yard or landscape. We construct bespoke patio pavers at the lowest possible cost, guaranteeing you gorgeous outdoor areas at a great price. Our skilled team is committed to satisfying your unique residential or commercial paver patio requirements. Read More About Patio Pavers »


Paver surfaces often take a beating from the elements and other external factors. Applying a sealant to these areas makes them more resilient to damage and wear and helps them retain their attractive appearance and superior condition for longer. To maintain the beauty of your paving stones, we recommend having them seal-coated every few years. Cleaning the pavers is necessary before sealing them. The staff will use effective yet gentle cleaning solutions to remove sap, filth, oil, or rust marks from the pavers. They will use heavy-duty pressure cleaning equipment to remove any remaining grime or dirt once the areas have been thoroughly cleaned. Depending on the type of pavers and your desired finish, they will employ the most advanced sealants available to get the best possible outcomes. We work systematically and ensure that your pavers are well-protected with high-quality sealants. Read More About Paver Sealing »


Aquablocks are interlocking concrete surfaces that filter out debris and other contaminants from rainwater. The slots along the underside of these pavers allow the passage of water to reach the soil below it more quickly than the normal permeable paver would. Compared to conventional PICP systems, the AquaBlock paver is much less likely to become clogged due to its innovative design. The company's full-sized aquablock concrete pavers are solid and durable, with an innovative design that facilitates the free flow of water into the materials underneath. We have extensive experience with designing and building outdoor spaces focused on sustainability. We plan your Aquablock installations per manufacturer guidelines and complete the project to industry standards. We offer these services to commercial and municipal clients as these large blocks are best suited for extensive outdoor spaces. We work with our clients and offer customized services. Read More About Aquablock »

Our company is unique because we offer every possible landscaping service under one roof. We can design and install a wide range of landscaping features for your home or business. With our help, your outdoor spaces will always appear modern and appealing. After years in the industry, we have perfected every facet of landscape design, from the initial concept to the final installation of outdoor living spaces. Incorporating beautiful new features in the exterior of your property is a breeze with our team's help. Our projects feature a beautiful and low-maintenance exterior space since we use only the best materials. We provide unrivaled value to our customers by striking the ideal harmony between price, quality, and reliability. For additional details about our high-quality landscaping and hardscaping services, call Paverock Green Living at 832-804-7930 or drop us a line through this Online Form. We will contact you soon to discuss your project details.
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